Re: E-Groups

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 00:00:26 +1100

Heys folks,

E-Groups does indeed seem to work well enough for the HW and HW-Rules lists, but I do have a few vague misgivings, mainly relating to how the medium shapes the message.

It relates to the real-time receive and respond option. The present Gloranthan Digest arrives once per day (more or less, barring sudden outbreaks of enthusiasm) and people tend to think a bit and structure their replies: the signal-to-noise ratio is fairly high. Lists where people can respond immediately encourage shorter, more relaxed responses, more "yeah I agree", more flameable flame wars and (though surely not on any of the Glorantha lists :)) a tendency to hit the keyboard without perhaps thinking replies through. I enjoy the HW lists, but think the overall mix of Glorantha lists works so well mainly because the GD *doesn't* encourage immediate off-the-cuff replies. I think we've all observed what sort of questions and topics work or don't work in the various forums.

Yes I know there's an option for either Digest or individual receipt, but if half the list is on immediate response its lost to us all.

I don't want to over-emphasise this objection, but it is one point to consider.

BTW, the sample chapter for Thunder Rebels (and some internal artwork) is now up at Issaries and there's a definite whiff of printing ink in the air.

John                          John Hughes

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