Re: Kitori

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 23:14:27 +0000

> I was assuming that Arkat taught a few of his tricks to
> Kwaratch Kwang, and maybe assisted. I thought by the time Arkat
> became a troll, the frontline of the conflict had already moved
> beyond Kethaela and the Zolan Zubar cult was no longer that
> important.

Zolan Zubar probably lost his importance when the Kitori were crushed by Palangio's invasion. As the principal wargod of the Kitori, his followers will have died en masse...

>>According to Shannon, this started in the Second Age, when a 
>>descendant of Varzonar (sp?) Kitor (the Kitori sacred king 
>>active during the time of Lokamayadon, and the Only Old One's 
>>co-general with Kwaratch Kang)

> Varzor Kitor. He's a character in the Broken Council.

Actually, Varonal Zor was the guy I meant, tje character in the Freeform, and the ancestor invoked by the re-founder. Varzor Kitor is the founder. I didn't have my sources with me when writing from work...

>> The great Argan Argar statue in Whitewall >>(mentioned in RQ Adventures #4) probably stems from this time.

> Yep. Though the modern tribe probably didn't become that well
> established until the tribe was bolstered by refugees from the
> death of the OOO.

It appears the Kitori became the dominant tribe in northern Heortland already slightly earlier, or Colymar's Black Spear clan would have had to pay tribute to other clans or tribes as well.

The defeat of the OOO will have caused some damage to the Kitori - the Lead Hills and the Dammed Marsh probably cover some of their former territory. The devastation of the Shadow Plateau with the fine-ground black dust from Akez Loradak (Obsidian Palace) too will have necessitated some migrations.

Do you think that the Second Age Kitori still lived on the Shadow Plateau?

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