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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 01:45:53 +1000

Or to respond a little more positively...

> > ...Vinga doesn't have much in
> >the way of ruling aspects - leadership in an emergency seems to
> >be about it. So there's a place for Ernalda the Leader to run
> >the clan on an ongoing basis.

Until Alex tells me why I'm not, I think I'm in fair agreement with Donald and Simon. (Words of three syllables or less, please Alex. And type slowly so I can understand).

While you could conceivably tease out the social dynamics in odd ways given a weird enough scenario, one of the core essences of Vinga for me is bringing out the best in others, and helping them discover their true potential. So in the unlikely situation when Vingans dominate a clan, they would turn to Orlanth and Ernalda for leadership, even if it meant convincing a beardless shepherd and a goose girl that yes, they *can* surprise themselves and find within the courage and wisdom lead the clan in the way of the Storm. Go on., try it [and roll against the 'Surprise Yourself' feat].

Speaking purely from character experience (bottom up!), my vingans have never been the sort to gravitate to positions of authority except in extraordinary (and short-lived)circumstances. Compassion is and a vague daddy's girl anti-authoritarianism are not the best traits to rule a clan by, even for a peace clan. OK so there's Kallyr, but she has her leadership cult and more than a dash of Rigsdal to muddy the picture. And history teaches that the warrior leaders seldom make the transition to peace, which is surely what this discussion is all about.

Mind you, the cult comes in different flavours. Those who favour Vinga clans in their Glorantha might turn to the Far Place manifestation of the cult for inspiration, as detailed in Tales 20. Coming soon, so I'm told. It provides a different take on leadership and authority, even as it emphasises solitude.

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