From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:29:51 +1200

Alex Ferguson:

> >>> [Heortlings] have a different perception of the [Destruction]
> >>> Rune [than the God Learners] but its power is still the same.

> >>And this perception is what?

> > Destruction as opposed to Annihilation/Void.

>I don't mean to be "difficult" about this, but I'm really not hearing
>the difference. How is to Annihilate crucially distinct from to
>Destroy here?

I don't blame you for not hearing the difference as I am not sure myself.

>The Heortlings see Shargash as the Great God of a power which
>includes the utter elimination from the cosmos of souls, and do
>not see this as chaotic, is that your position? (Or that they don't
>see him as destroying souls, but still distinguish him from "death"?)

I don't see anything in Shargash (even in the viewpoints of his enemies) involving the destruction of souls. As for death, I've already stated that Shargash is also a death god as well as being the Great God of Destruction. Exactly what the Heortlings make of Shargash is an interesting question. Since they do recognize other non-chaotic destroying entities (Zorak Zoran, Oakfed), I don't see it necessary for them to view Shargash as chaotic.

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