Issaries and High Gods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 23:54:31 +1300

Jerome Blondel:

>I don't think Issaries is a great god but instead there's a "vacant
>position" for a great god of communication (similarly there is one for a
>great god of death or a great goddess of healing etc.)

Humakt is the Great God of Death and Chalana Arroy is the Great Goddess of Harmony (RQ3 book 5 p13, GoG p31 & p41).

>Imagine that
>all communication be suspended in Glorantha. (It's nearly what happened in
>the West, when Brithos cut itself from all communication the shockwave
>likely triggered the Ban, the Closing and the Cult of Silence. But i'm

Different events. The Ban occurred circa 1500 ST, the Closing was in 929 and the Wordless Prophet first preached in 1129.

>(so, whats a "high god"?... if i'm correct the high gods of the
>East or those of Pelanda maybe are not great gods).

The perils of mixing different terminologies. There are three definitions of High God, two internal to gloranthans and one a rules term (so far).

The first class of high god is the Avanparloth of Vithela, They are not gods but transcendent entities and sacrifice to them is mostly useless.

The second class of high god are the High Gods of the Pelandans. These are a mixture of gods and transcendent entities. People sacrifice to Turos and Oria quite easily but can only reach Jernotia through mystic devotions.

The third class is found in Storm Tribe (p211) where Donandar is said to be the High God of Music. So far this is an undefined rules term AFAIK.

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