Re: Does size matter?

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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 09:16:48 EST


<< >> how Big is a Horse? >>
> 5W

 Aha! Firm numbers, excellent. A Minotaur would be just a bit smaller then.>>


<< > You wouldn't know this, of course, but there are also specific rules on
>the 'Large' ability, its uses and the appropriate scales for it in the
>current draft of Anaxial's Record.

 Ah, now that's a great relief. My greatest concern has been whether these self-declared abilities are actually detailed. Without a firm skills list to pick from it all looked a bit vague and open to abuse.>>

      There is no firm skill list, and no details for any of the abilities. However, AR needed to set some guidelines internally, if nowhere else, so that the reader could compare like with like. Only three abilities actually have definitions in the book (Large, Small and Animal Cunning) although there are some guidelines as to how the combat skills work. Even then, the definitions only apply to abilities that normal human PCs won't have. IIRC, the HW rulebook has no such definitions or skill lists at all, except in so far as the abilities related to the keywords could be considered a 'list'.

      If you don't like this vagueness, well, you're not alone, and I suppose you could always try and devise a skill list, or borrow one from another game. :-(

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