Does size matter?

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 05:59:36 EST

> >Let's say a player picks big 18-we're talking about pretty big.
> my problem here (no offence, I agree with your point) isn't with the
> Big 18, but with what it compares to. As I don't have any 'normal'
> sizes to compare to (how Big is a Horse? >>


<<A 4-m Giantess apprentice Shaman >>


<<At the risk of repeating the obvious, there are comparison charts in the various chapters and in the Narrator's book.>>

     You wouldn't know this, of course, but there are also specific rules on the 'Large' ability, its uses and the appropriate scales for it in the current draft of Anaxial's Record.  

<< Try not to get locked down into the minutiae -- I don't think that HW is quite that sort of game...>>

      It depends how minute the minutiae are. It can often be beneficial to study the minutiae of a game before you start running it - if you don't, (at least some of) your players will and you might get nasty surprises...

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