Re: Magical Augments - A little extreme?

From: ian_hammond_cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 17:26:34 -0000

> Put it this way - when heroes clash, do you really think the
contest should be determined by which one gets an extra round of augmentation?<

I suspect some of this depends on how you see things. Some thoughts:

  1. I agree with Tim I am happy with the one augment/affinity initiate; one augment feat/devotee system. Might be why I think devotee's are less common ;)
  2. I allow multiple augments pre-contest. Time is a factor in unexpected encounters but not necessarily before a battle, though remember for a pre-augment you may want to increase the duration and hence the difficulty. I would avoid fixing specific augments to actions in a contest - too much bookeeping for my taste.
  3. If you are augmenting then remember so are your opponents. I tend to write up stats in episodes BA style now and use automatic augments for narrator characters so they have multipe augments without bookeeping.
  4. Yes if you are caught unprepared your opponents can get a significant advantage over you
  5. The implication of narrative like 'Morden defends the camp' is that a magically prepared opponent is very tough - retreating to confront them at a time and place of your choosing is often the option.
  6. In our last game the heroes were suprised by opponents who had up to +12 in augments pre-prepared. It worked fine - it was supposed to be a difficult fight and it was (and we allow mutliple non-magical augments, for example the narrator characters had Strong and Hate the Living as augments).
  7. The players are used to the process now and may look to perform rituals to power up before confronting their enemies. Sometimes the players even create a ritual in session - with adjudication from the narrator.
  8. Mastery cancellation makes the numbers easier.
  9. For some heroquests I think you would need to reach 10W6 to succeed. SO I am nost sure the numbers are way off.

Anyway it sounds like you had fun. I think you are the only people regularly getting these numbers (we are still in late W/early W2 range), so you ought be the ones to tell us if there are problems ;)

Ian Cooper

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