Re: Improving spirit abilities--possible?

From: Andrew Solovay <asolovay_at_...>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 12:18:04 -0700

Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...> wrote:

> There are some potentially serious power problems with being allowed
> to increase spirits levels of ability once bound. So, while one can
> certainly rationalize reasons why one should be allowed to increase
> the spirit's
> ability, I think it's more productive to try to find ways to do these
> things in other ways.

I wasn't saying it should be *easy*, and I wasn't proposing a straightforward mechanism to do it (a la "spend X HPs, increase an allied spirit's score by 1"). Yes, there would certainly be game balance considerations there.

All I was doing was objecting to the statement, "Spirits are otherworld entities, *therefore* their scores can't increase." It seems to me that within Gloranthan metaphysics, there would be ways for their scores to go up short of a full-on heroquest. So if a narrator decided, he could permit an allied spirit's scores to increase under certain circumstances. Maybe as "advanced experience", for example, or as a special reward in an extraordinary situation.

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