Re: Are Multiple Attack rules broken?

From: Paul Andrew King <paul_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 19:22:28 +0000

>So, in your fight with Barusharp, we need to know what the opponent's
>rolled, and which had the best roll.
>Broo 1 rolls 2 - a Success (before mastery bumps are applied)
>Broo 2 rolls 19 - a Failure (before mastery bumps are applied)
>Barusharp's ability is compared to the best roll: Broo 1's success. *Now*
>take bumps into consideration (gee, too bad that Mr 11W2 failed, ain't it?).
>Finally, compare bump-modified rolls and determine the level of victory (or
>defeat) for the fight.

I can't see anything in the rules to indicate that "roll" automatically excludes bumps. For instance the result after bumps is described as a "roll" on p67 (step d "Compare your result..."). Personally I would read both as applying to the result after bumps.

I would add that if there is a clear imbalance in the primary abilities as there is here it is probably better in most cases to treat the lesser opponent as a follower.

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Paul K.

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