Re: Adepts & multiple spell use

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 10:21:55 -0800

> We were talking about using more than one spell from a grimoire ro augment
> some other skill. Not using one spell from the same book to augment
> And in any case - why not? Sure, that may well be what the rules say - but
> why do they say that?

All magic relies on having a connection between the Hero and a source of energy (usually in the Otherworld, common magic relies on a source of power in the Middle World). Theists call on their god as the power source, Animists trap Otherworld beings (Spirits) in Charms and Fetishes and keep them in the Middle World to power their magic. Common Magic connects to an Otherworld-type being that lives in the Middle World.

Sorcerers make connections between a physical object and an Otherworld Node. A talisman is such a connection, as is a Grimoire. (This is why a Sorcerer can't cast spells without either a Talisman or Grimoire).

A talisman connects to a single specific "Spell Node". A Grimoire connects to a specific "Grimoire node" (which is then linked mystically to the Spell nodes of the spells in the grimoire). When you cast a spell, you make a 3-way connection between your talisman, the target of the spell (your buddy's "Sword and Shield Fighting", frex) and the Otherworld node. This connection is like a phone line - if you try to use it twice at the same time, there will be interference.

Our hero can only use a specific connection to the Otherworld for a single spell. So if you have multiple talismans, you have multiple connections to the Otherworld, and can use them all (You have a whole bank of phones on your desk). A Grimoire is still only a single connection, so it can only be used to cast a single spell.

(Talismans need not be seperate physical objects - the important thing is the link between the object and the Spell node, so some people put all their links on a single object (great, until you lose your object!), some use a different object for each link - either method is fine.)

But really, this is the "no double-dipping" rule (HQ 79) applied to Grimoires. "Read Grimoire" is a single ability, thus can't be used more than once to do exactly the same thing (augment the same ability).

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