Keyword ratinga vs character age

From: John Galloway <yuskim1_at_...>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 00:03:01 -0000

Can Homeland and Occupation keywords be treated as functions of character age?

I was tempeted to say that ones keyword rating (Kw) varies linearly with age.

E.g. Kw = Age - 4

So a 10 year old has his/her keyword at 6 while a 21 year old's is at 17. Which, to my inexperianced eye, don't seem to be too bad as far as gross approximitations go.

But if someone lives to be, say, 54 years old then their keyword ratings would be 50 - 4 = 10w2. I don't have the HQ book here at work so I don't know where this ranks on the 'who would have this rating' chart but remember that we haven't added extra character creation points (CCP).

CCP = Age - 10

What do people think? Or is ANY single formula going to be too simplistic?


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