Re: Concentrating Magic

From: L.Castellucci <lightcastle_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 18:12:35 -0400

I'm catching up from an email delay so I may be well behind the curve here.

My vote - no balance necessary. Use it to augment or when appropriate. The more you concentrate, the better it is. However, it also acts as a negative augment to anything you don't use concentration for.


It's only an issue if conceptually you want it to be an all-or-nothing deal. If the idea is you are one or the other, no gradation possible, you can't use it this way.

If you are ok with levels of purity in your concentration, it is completely simple. (And, presumably, you make a ruling that you having concentration in more than one otherworld is impossible.)


On September 12, 2007 06:13 pm, Ian Young wrote:
> Over on the HeroQuest-RPG list, Jane Williams wrote:
> > If you wanted something more complicated, I'd go for a
> > "concentrated in <otherworld>" ability, to be used as
> > a positive or negative augment as appropriate. I'm
> > pretty sure it's been suggested before. Numbers would
> > need a bit of juggling to get the right effect, but
> > that's a question for the Rules list rather than this
> > one.
> So, how about it? How would the numbers need to be juggled to
> transform concentrated magic from its current form to an ability?
> Would it really need to jimmied into balance, or is this the sort of
> thing that is inherently self-balancing about the HeroQuest rules?
> After all, as has been pointed out before, the ability Kill-at-a-
> Glance 14 isn't inherently any more powerful than Brick-in-the-Face
> 14 -- they're just relative measurements of two different strategies
> for messing a fella up.
> !i!

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