Re: Re: (nothing to do with) followers

From: Mikko Rintasaari <mikrin_at_...>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 01:49:12 +0300 (EET DST)

> > > So all Close Combat abilities will always be the same.
> >
> > Yes. Which actually makes some sense to me -- I've learned to use
> all
> > three fencing weapons. Each is unique, and until I learned it (1
> hero
> > point) I couldn't apply my full fencing ability.
> But could you apply your fencing ability to, say, spear & shield? Or
> 2H club? Or Vulgar Brawling? I would have thought that at least,
> converting from foil to epee would have been easier than to some
> totally different weapon. But I've never tried: has anyone else?

Yes, there is a meta skill in fighting, which is to do with learned courage, timing and coordination. But IMO it's more like something one can augment the actual fighting skills with.

Converting from foil to epee is still fensing, but try to use the same skill with a 2h warflail, and the -3 penalty does not quite cut it.

I study Shinobi Jutsu, where we are trying to learn a body of fighting techniques and principles, one could utilize both barehanded and with most melee weapons. This is really hard, and is something more appropriate to a kralorelan/Vormain Zenwarrior skills.

Yet in HW this is the norm. The orlanthi CC is really a skill to have.  

> Still, if them's the rules (and there doesn't seem to be any argument
> there), that's what I'll go with to start with.

Hmm... I wouldn't, but good luck.  

> > It's certainly plausible to have a generic Craft skill, with
> > improvisational modifiers. The chart on p.32 implies that you can
> do
> > this (though Craft is about the only skill I think it might be
> worth
> > doing to).
> We're considering this for Languages, too. So far I can't find a HW
> language system. Will re-read the ToC...
> > > I have still to look up weapon ranks, edges, and armour ...
> >
> > Broken record: don't bother. They frequently cancel out anyway, and
> > IMO they add nothing to play.
> As far as I can see, everyone's using rank 3 weapons, but armour
> varies. I'll put them in, and expect them to cancel on most occasions.

It's still a good thing to know. The soft pillows vs. poleaxes argument stands firm.  


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