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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 08:24:41 -0800


> Since a tribesman gets 5 one-use fetishes at an average might of 17 (p.
> 213) and a shaman gets to buy a 1/day fetish between sessions for 2 HP
> (errata for p. 215, I got this directly from Stephen Martin), I have
> extrapolated that a starting shaman gets 5 fetishes, usable at least 1/day,
> with an average power of 17. Shamans also get to trade two fetishes for an
> integrated ability (p. 213). This isn't explicitly written out in HW:RiG,
> but I think that it's a fair enough interpretation of what is there.

The problem is that the errata say something about anyone with spirit combat being able to get them at 1/day...

Is 5 one-time-only fetishes enough for an average tribesman, in actual play?

> In play, I have not yet seen a shaman bind a fetish of greater frequency
> than one-use, probably because the player doesn't want to spend 2 HP (1 to
> clinch a greater victory, 1 to cement the fetish). For me, this casts some
> doubt on the "realism" of a shaman getting a 1/day fetish at might 12
> between sessions (see errata note above), though he does need to spend 2
> HP, which matches what really seems to happen. Just an observation.

Perhaps your shamans aren't powerful enough yet, or you're only using simple contests? If a shaman takes his Spirit Combat or Tradition Knowledge at 5w, he ought to be able to defeat Might 12 spirits pretty handily.

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