RE: Jumping over trees

From: David Boatright <david.boatright_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:20:09 -0000

Benedict Adamson

>In a recent session, a Vingan was fighting Uz in a snow/ice cave.
>She used her Run on Snow to run up the wall, along the ceiling
>and attack the Uz from behind.

>What was the resistance? The Uz' Close Combat ability, as this
>was an extended contest, and the Vingan was 'merely' making a
>very daring (that is, high AP bid) attack. MGF was had by all.

I would have given the troll an improv. mod to his CC as well, unless he had a direct CC ability which countered people running on snow. I tell players to try and get themselves into positions where they can use abilities which the opponnent has difficulti countering.

>I should point out that that was the player's first session playing
>Hero Wars or Glorantha.

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