Re: Disciples/runelords

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 18:55:12 -0800

> > >Whoa. That few? I'm guessing that many players, espially eq-RQers,
> > >want to be disciples.
> >
> > I think they would want to be heroes instead.
> So you see the two as mutually exclusive? My impression from RQ was that
> becoming a rune level was a step towards herodom. That may well have
> changed. In fact, can see there requirement for discile dom before
> herodom. But would it stop you? I don't quite follow that. Why couldn't
> a disciple of Humakt be a hero? And why couldn't a PC wish to be both?

A Disciple has much less "free will" than an RQ Rune-level. His powers come from emulating the god as closely as possible. In Heroquests, you *don't* get to choose what you do, you just see if you succeed at the exact same stations as your god did - if he lost, you'd better lose too. A disciple's wish is to join his god (kind of like the "Great God Secrets" taking a hero out of play).

Heroes, on the other hand, usually want to exercise free will and learn new stuff. They want to break the mold, not follow it exactly.

While you *can* be a hero who is a disciple, usually people are not.

Again, this will be explianed in better detail in Storm tribe, questions (and answers) now can muddy the waters.



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