Re: ability question

From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 11:46:50 +0100

Steve Lieb wrote:
> Re "change reality"

> I didn't really have a problem with that (in a sense, it's kind of a cool
> concept), but I do have a problem with the scope of such a thing. I mean,
> it could be used for ANYTHING. Would you just say "you can't and that's
> that"?

Impose a hefty improvisational modifier every time its is used. A Change Reality ability is just a more extreme example of a general case: what is the difference between 'Geography of Genertela' and 'Geography of Dragon Pass' abilities when used in Dragon Pass? If they are the same, why not choose the more general ability and gain the benefit of being able to use it in Peloria, etc. too?

> re "stop time"
> OK, again assuming one would accept this, what would be the result in GAME
> terms? You're having a fight with Old Perk the Troll, and you succcefully
> stop time. What happens game-mechanically? Do you get an augment like
> anything else? That seems pretty wimpy result for otherwise mondo cool
> ability.

Having a 'Glance of Death' ability does not give you the ability to kill opponents: it gives you the ability to try to do so. Only it the result of the contest is a complete defeat can you conclude that it worked.

Perhaps the character succeeds only in slowing down time or stopping it briefly, thus providing an advantage in the combat (a la The Matrix). Perhaps Old Perk has to use up her magical ability by repeatedly calling on Kyger Litor to restart time?

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