RE: Deadeye

From: Phil Hibbs <phil_at_...>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 22:18:50 +0100

>The trickster starts of killing mice and rabbits and moves on up to
>people without magic and, finally, killing Wind Lords and the like.

So the description is just plain wrong then, rather than "they get the Deadeye, which kills people they look at", it should say "they get the deadeye, which kills small animals they look at". And instead of "a trick that ... allows them to see without killing people by keeping one eye shut", it should say "... allows them to see without killing small animals by keeping one eye shut".

It's less dramatic that way, I think.

I don't think the Hero Wars rules should be used to change Glorantha, they should be used to reflect Glorantha.

If you need to quantify it in rules terms, then okay. The beginning of the process gives the basic power at 16, but the rest of the "quest" in the Deadeye place boosts it up through a series of encounters. Maybe the subject gambles their death against the Trickster - if they win, they get their death. If they lose, they play another hand, but the longer they stay, the higher their Deadeye power gets. It seems to be a no-win situation - they're stuck in the quest with an ever increasing Deadeye power rating until they work out how to draw a game and return to the real world.

The quest is dangerous because the game's easy to win, and most questors' gut reaction is to try to win.

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