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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 08:58:55 +0100

>Has anyone fleshed out Saint Elleisha -
>all I have seen is a 4 line description
>in the Saints List on Nick Brooks site?

There's a bit about her in Sandy's saints list, available on my web page:

ST. ELLEISH -- patron of independent women. Only a woman may gain Elleish as patron. Elleish was only a dress-maker at first. When her knight-husband was slain in battle, she begged Hrestol for the right to take his place. Soon she proved herself worthy of the arms she bore. After Hrestol's death, she became a Lord of the City and County of Molene. At last she took a husband, who became Lord in her place, and she became Lady of the City, subject to his power.

     Elleish's Blessing (4 POW): Permits a woman to ignore gender-specific restrictions. The exact effects vary with sect to sect. All Malkioni who recognize Elleish as a valid saint are required to recognize the legal and moral force of this Blessing, though they are free to begrudge it.

Appologies for sullying this list with RQ rules mechanics, and it isn't even the rules list!

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