Re: Womens in Loskalm

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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:04:02 -0000

>Elleish was only a dress-maker at first. When her
>knight-husband was slain in battle, she begged Hrestol for the right
>to take his place.
> Soon she proved herself worthy of the arms she bore. After
>death, she became a Lord of the City and County of Molene.

OK, so she lived in Junora (or Akem, or whatever it was called in Hrestol's time), and knew Hrestol personally. This seems enough basis to be sure she is recognised by the Loskalmi church. And given that she's in the Glorantha book under Seshnela, her existence is official too.

>The exact effects vary with sect to sect. All Malkioni who
> recognize Elleish as a valid saint are required to recognize the
> legal and moral force of this Blessing, though they are free to
>begrudge it.

"Legal Force" for Loskalmi, would mean they HAVE to allow her devotees
caste mobility. And since, for Loskalmi, the army is THE route to the
higher castes, we need some special units to take these women. My thinking on the regiments in the loskalmi army was in any case that they have patron saints to encourage regimental identity, this starts to fit well.

I'll have to have a think about this, there seems to be a good beginning adventure to kick-off a loskalmi campaign here.

What say the list coordinators ? Am I extending this too far ?


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