Visible Magic

From: Mark Galeotti <hia15_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 21:41:18 -0000

Wulf wrote (in Re: Harrek similar to Conan):

> I never did like the idea of all magic (including or
> excluding sorcery) being visible, at least not blatantly
> visible AS magic.

Yes: I lie the idea of many magical effects being visible in an almost cartoonish sense (the sword that suddenly expands, though the mind boggles at Vinga's Mile-Long Javelin!) but what about magics relating to deception?

I suppose one can say that, come to think of it, the trader looks guileless and friendly, his voice is soothing and honest. But after one passing Issaries has just screwed you over, the next time you experience the same effect (or saw it happening to your good friend Olav), you might not be soothed and be tempted to smack the deceitful trader into the next stead!


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