God's War vs. Pure Planes

From: Mike Dawson <mdawson_at_...>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 14:46:18 -0000

Hopefully not snipped beyond the ability to get the context:

> But the important thing here is that everything is Essential, and the
> conflict is of an absolutely different type than a HeroQuest.

"Essentially different" and "absolutely different". Ok, but in what way?

We understand that they're going to a different place, but the way they go there is very similar (travel to a different plane) and the ways they prepare would be very similar (solicit extraordinary support from others, use a place of power for the ceremony, long rituals of preparation, etc.) In fact, the first part of it is almost the same, since travel to the God's War "normally" involves starting off in your home otherworld then passing on to some Age.

So, aside from the potential modifiers for being in an otherworld, in what ways are such actions essentially and absolutely different from heroquesting into the God's War?

Mike Dawson

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