raids vs raids, allies vs. allies

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 18:28:58 -0000

I'm confused again.

I'm getting back to finishing off a game on medium that I've left hanging for a while. Exciting things happened this year--we received word of the Feathered Horse Queen and we made an alliance with another tribe.

Then a small problem happened. It was storm season, our cattle herds had been dwindling, and our trade missions had been unsuccesful. So I decided it was time to resort to cattle raiding. My ring suggested the two weakest clans, both of whom are allies. I could have chosen another target, but we really wanted those cows! But that's OK, right? It even says in the manual that basically everyone performs cattle raids, even upon their allies. One of the two weak clans was in our tribe, and had recently been badly mauled by the Praxians. The other was in the tribe we had just made an alliance with. Relations with both were good, so I chose the one that wasn't so weak.

Our raid was spotted, and intercepted by a force only slightly larger than itself. With the various blessings and enchantments we have, I suspected we could actually beat them, but I didn't really want to harm them, so chose survival/evade. They harassed us with arrows, we took a couple of wounds, and that was that.

Or so I thought.

Promptly a delegation shows up saying, in essence, "you make a peace treaty with our tribe, then raid us? What sort of oath breakers are you and how will you make it up to us?" and my own ring admits that we broke the truce.

So.....a cattle raid, even one involving bloodshed, doesn't count as a raid for terms of magic or pleasing your thanes, but does count as a raid when it comes to breaking a peace treaty?

And.....clans can perform cattle raids on clans that they are allied with, but clans cannot perform cattle raids against clans that are part of tribes that their tribe is allied with?

Just making sure I have this straight!

Oh, and this is a situation where I will weasel out by going back to a saved version, on the theory that the clan would know if that raid was permitted or not, and I had no intention of breaking that treaty!


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