Re: Re: A Suggestion On Process & Progress

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 16:25:05 +0100 (CET)

Jeff Richard

> Let me summarize my previous post: John this is great and I am glad
> you are putting this together. This is familiar territory for me -
> Joerg and I had a discussion much like this many years ago. Although
> I now think that we were wrong both in spirit and detail about Broyan
> and Whitewall, we came up with some cool ideas. Hopefully we can
> come up with cooler ideas this time.

Heartily seconded. A lot of sources have been added to our store of material eight years ago.

> As I said, I think that the material Joerg and I came up with in 1996
> turned out to be wrong in some very important and significant
> details.

I hope that I can create a rewrite of my webpages as a side effect of this.

> For instance, Greg pretty much vetoed much of our
> backhistory of Broyan (hero of Knight Fort).

True. Not significant for much of the rest of the material, though.

Still, I'd like to see Broyan's history during Kallyr's revolt and before 1619.

> The Kitori are significantly different from what I thought they were.

True. Their role in Whitewall (introduced by John Castellucci's use of the Tarkalor campaign material played by Greg and Stephen Martin) needs to be investigated.

My latest info on them makes them a minor Only Old One-like Elder race.

How much of Tarkalor's actions do we need to know and take into consideration?

Has anybody read Robin Laws' Tarkalor saga, and can tell us more?

> Nonetheless, we need to put together some good Heortland background,
> and some history of the Volsaxar, Whitewall and Broyan.

This sounds a lot like a local version of the index I am working on. I'll try to provide an extract over the weekend. Unfortunately the database engine of Yahoogroups is quite limited and allows no relational linking.

> A good starting place is DP:LoT:

Yep. I propose to collect facts and factoids on the tribes of Whitewall.

We'll need to limit the direct quotations, though.

The Auroch Hill final map is a useful "blank map" for indicating positions until we get a better detail map.

> Whitewall came up in my Dawn Age discussions with Greg. I think that
> it was Seriasdara - the home of the Garanvuli Vingkotling Star
> Tribe.

It's a bit away from the exit of the Footprint (given as location of Seriasdova), but lacking other significant Vingkotling hill forts in the region, the identification seems sound.

> At the Dawn, the
> Garanvuli were known as the "Hero Tribe" of the Heortlings and later
> became the Hendriki.

Much of that's up to our creativity (or Gregly edicts). The Garanvuli are mentioned for the Dawn, but disappear from the documents afterwards. The Hendreiki start under the Broken Council, and include (at least one) Berennethtelli refugees.

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