FOUNDATION: Progress of the Siege

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 14:20:14 +1100

I've just uploaded an RTF file to the group FILES area, 'Progress of the Siege', containing a draft week by week chronicle of key events. I've also updated the calendar spreadsheet (also in the FILES area), taking out some of my own non-essential plot devices so we can concentrate initially on what's important.

In the Progress document, I've tried to summarise key events and give them dates, and attempted to incorporate developing ideas from our conversations. Its partial, biased, and *very* incomplete, but its a start. I've stripped my own (novelistic) basic notes down to what I consider key events of central significance.

If we can agree on a broad timetable of events, we can then overlay the basic calendar with more detailed descriptions: events in Lunar command, food and food shortages, heroquests, blockade runs, whatever. There are obviously alternative ways of conceiving the siege, if this attempt by me seems to off-beam in a way that can't be fixed by tinkering, I'd certainly welcome folk to put up their own, alternative timetables.

As with other foundation docs, I'll seek comments, suggestions and amendments for a week, and if the basic outline seems to be accepted, I'll then revise and update the doc. Or assist the author of an alternative timeline in incorporating what's salvagable.



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