Re: FOUNDATION: Progress of the Siege

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 11:59:57 +1100

Attempting to fit Alec's Kultain rebellion into the timeline, I've pushed the initial invasion dates into late Fire Season, and squashed the main events a little between then and Bat Blat.

These events don't necessarily preclude an earlier invasion force bypassing the Kultain, or a main thrust coming from the sea. Suggestions on this most welcome.

This is my draft of amended dates. Once we've sorted this, I'll update the main calendar on Wiki.


Fire Season

Disorder Lunar Troops reach staging area at Duck Point


Death Staging point at Blacktree Shrine established by Lunars. Kultain tribe revolts.


Stasis Lunars assault Kultain at Chormsford Ford. Defenders flee south. Northern invasion of Heortland begins.



Truth First Resistance on the Whitewall Road as Lunars advance cautiously up the plateau (have we settled on a name yet?)

Earth Season

Disorder First Skirmishes outside Whitewall

Harmony Lunars reach the city



Stasis Umbroli destroys main acess bridge to plateau

Movement Encirclement (palisades, watch towers) complete


Truth First major engagements

Dark Season

Disorder First Major Assault / Champions Battle

Harmony Champions battle


Fertility Moon boats reestablish supply chain.

Stasis First Night Battle

Movement Kallyr arrives


Truth Rumours of the Bat

Storm Season

Disorder The Bat Attacks and is killed

Alec, if you have alternative dates that spring to mind, just let me know.



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