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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:08:52 GMT

In message <> "valkoharja" writes:
>> Even when I was playing RQII I didn't really like the currency
>> because it was just too artifical. Everyone using the same sized
>> silver coins which had the same exchange rates to copper and
>> gold...
>The basic exchange rates I indeed have as pretty much universal, but
>those just reflect the scarsity of the metals, and the long trading
>traditions of Glorantha.

Which doesn't reflect variations in the scarcity of metals. We know, for example, that iron is incredibly rare in Dragon Pass but fairly common in the west. I'm sure gold is far more common in Dara Happa than Sartar which gives the impression that Dara Happa is richer. If however a meal which costs a silver penny in Boldhome costs a gold wheel in Elz Ast then the wealth is an illusion.

>I didn't mean to imply that the "godlearner standard" coins themselves
>were universal. It's still very good to have feel of how many grams
>(or pennyweights) of silver is generally enough to buy a chicken, a
>horse or a spearhead, and how much silver (usually) equals the value
>of a given weight of gold (or iron).

In RQII, and I believe in the current version, coinage is standardised. That's understandable for the purposes of game mechanics but it feels wrong for a world.

And prices should vary significantly. Something that is produced locally will be cheaper than the same thing brought from far away. Otherwise merchants can't make a profit especially when most transport of goods is by wagon or pack mule.

Donald Oddy


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