Re: Glorantha / House of M

From: digodiegodigodisco <Digodiegodigodisco_at_mxPXkEy54zdJoQAIjSOZbr3GNgXhzDwPreDmrJpnorzRMztwuoPu73WXo>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:37:14 -0000

> Any ideas about it ?

Wath about the world is round and it isn't flat?

> Maybe a Mostali big plan somewhere didn't work as it should have

I think this idea is realy good. In fact, the world machine it's broken. It`s posible that the "world if" is the glorantha world and if the machine is repaired we come back to the real world

>> Gregory

 Diego Iglesias            

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