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YGWV Dan Guillou wrote:
> In the thread "Demons, hell and chaos"
> Greg said (in reply to Idunnowho):
> >>Since the non-chaotic demons are from the underworld they are of
> >>mixed nature, I guess? They aren't exactly essences, spirits or
> >>daemons, but something like a mix of all that.
> >Some.
> >But the mixed nature of the Underworld doesn't mean that the denizens
> >are mixed. That's the moon! It means that beings of all magical types
> >live there.
> Does that mean we are back to three otherworlds,

Back to? Some of us have never left this model. In my Glorantha, it is how things are.

> and the Lunar Way
> mixing them up? (With some mysticism thrown in for spice.)

While this is a common way to put it, it's not exactly correct. The Red Moon is its own type of magical source and power, whose manifestations appear to be the same as from the separate otherworlds. For game purposes, anyway, Lunar magic works the same way as Affinities & Feats, Spirits and Spells.

> I would really like to think so, because to be honest, I was never really
> comfortable with the ILHB2 version: "it may _look_ like sorcery, theism,
> or animism, but _really_ it is an otherworld and magic system all of its
> own, and the similarities to other systems are superficial and accidental
> artifacts of game mechanics". Or something...

Sorry about that.
But to clarify: a Lunar Feat is not EXACTLY the same as a Feat because it doesn't come from the Theist World, and by definition, Feats come from the Theist world.
Saying a Lunar Feat is not incorect.

> (Anyway, to me it always felt as if someone during mid production
> decided that the Lunar Way needed to be weirded up, and made a bunch
> of revisions that wasn't –imho, of course!– very well thought out.)

All opinions are welcome.

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