RE: Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

From: Sam Elliot <samclau_at_7zSVfabUuSWoYI_FHE9Ku3dPy0HEC6ymYuNwiN7K875ePBXtZL1bK7m6jiApMWpLqUI3>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 12:20:36 -0300

> > How good is their sense of smell? I always consider it pretty much up
> > there with dogs (i.e. a million times better than ours, this being
> > the statistic I recall from university rather than hyperbole).
> > Sam.
> The large snout of the trolls is like the snout of dolphins. It's more
> involved with their darksense than their sense of smell. the primary
> sense of the trolls is the darksense, rather than smell as it is with
> dogs.

Okay. In that case, an interesting question (to me) is, where is it on the forward-focused versus all-round scale. E.g. our vision is forward focussed, a cow's is all-round.

And...I may have missed this in one of the former posts, but how "crisp" versus "soupy", "textural" would darkness be? Light is very crisp, exact, whatever the words, while smells are soupy. I'd place darkness somewhere in between so that it is qualitatively different from light (versus just an opposite) and allows us to have it creep around in a sinister fashion.

> They may have a better sense of smell than humans or they may not. I
> don't think we need to load the Uz with an all round superior sensory
> package. They are already bigger and meaner than humans, and can see
> in pich-black darkness. Isn't that enough?

Well, I get your point, but...humans have good eyesight plus good hearing. Dogs have good sense of smell and good hearing. Or, to put it another way, I'd say most organisms have at least two highly-developed senses, likely three. Or conversely, most have one which is fairly crap. Also, trolls having a good sense of smell keeps them, to mind, nice and bestial, animalistic, earthy.

> (Having said that, the human sense of smell is actually rather good.
> People who train their noses can do pretty impressive things with them.)

Well, it functions. But, in comparison to most other mammals, it falls short.


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