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YGWV Quoting

>> Although I can see your point, where the godar might not include that
>> curse, but just cut off the familial, temple, etc connections--that
>> is, the Everything World connections.
> It's straight out of Thunder Rebels page 44 second paragraph. The
> distinction between a clan outlawing someone and a tribe doing so.
> I'm assuming the Lunar authorities outlawing someone is equivelent
> to the tribe doing so.

Thanks for the page reference. I wish I was at home to read it, too. A tribe can only outlaw someone from the tribe, of course.

>>> Someone formally outlawed
>>> by a clan will have their connection with Orlanth and Ernalda cut
>>> but probably not other gods.
>> If the Great Ones cut it off, so will their followers. So this leaves
>> Gagarth, Mallia, etc, to be worshiped...
> How about Lhankor Mhy, Issaries and other gods who have independant
> cults?

They are still part of the O&E religion, followers of the Great Ones, so they would also ignore the outlaw.

>>> I'm not sure if that happens if they
>>> disappear from the clan before the outlawry ceremony.
>> An individual does not need to be present to be outlawed, and have all
>> that bad stuff fall on him.
>>> That may well be a means of keeping your magic.
>> I will cogitate upon this, and see what others think...
> That bit is just speculation and depends on how the ritual works.
> What is needed for the gods to identify the individual being
> outlawed? Clearly the presence of the person is ideal but maybe
> something closely associated with them is enough.

They need to have been an initiate, I think. That means they had a link with their great god, and this is the link that is used to ID them, and that is broken.

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