Re: Epic NPCs and their stats

From: julianlord <julian.lord_at_R-uIL-JQZP2u31niTCshP9GouoE3efXlaRSUUN6I0syETzMpul9PxRuJAfe31YMx>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 20:49:05 -0000

FWIW, the only realistic stats for a high-level PC-type character I've EVER seen in any game and any game publication is Arlaten, in Strangers in Prax (although I admire the Lunar Coders as a fantastic description for high-level NPCs in the same book IIRC)

A high-level character isn't just about ability levels --- but about character history, and history isn't something you can come up with by winging it.

Arlaten's rich background & history, and his abilities mirror each other, in a way that Kill Anything 12W5 simply CANNOT reflect.

JarEel's stats should ideally be as richly detailed, covering everything from where she lives to the details of the magic items she carries, via who her friends are, how she has suffered, what she does in her spare time, what Quests she is pursuing, etc, etc, etc --- and not just three lines of HQ abilities that tell us nothing of how she got to the top of the hill, nor where she plans to go on to from there, nor how she protects herself from the other climbers grabbing at her finely manicured feet.

YGWV Julian Lord            

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