Re: Epic NPCs and their stats

From: nichughes2001 <nicolas.h_at_bRnUF94x05sravqeRBezpoqJrHlb-E9y0D2Z0XKxTHkCpJZ5lCuC3gxbITkW9A-GJM>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:58:48 -0000

> It's all a matter of what people are willing to write and
> submit for publication. Moon Design doesn't have in-house
> writers that we can assign projects to. We work with freelancers
> who write what they want to write. Thus far, you can see what
> they have decided to write.

Can I just pitch in with my 0.02 and say that if someone comes up with a good story that happens to require some of all of Harrek's stats to play then I'll happily put my hand in my pocket and buy it without grumbling that his Greedy trait should be one mastery higher. On the other hand if someone just writes up a bunch of superhero/hero stats for publication I'll save my money for going down the pub because stats without any story around them have pretty much zero play value. All IMHO of course.

The social network around characters like these would take up half a book on thier own if done properly so I can see how "How to deal with Harrek and live to tell the tale" could be a fun publication but might be damn difficult to write well.



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