Re: Epic NPCs and their stats

From: Trotsky <TTrotsky_at_s9GX_ivaQTjwhqcM_Qhm1cjYfgm8wHgxxMz4dfKyF02-aMWVUhfcC0Cn70RiepBwMqA>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 17:51:13 +0100

Kevin McDonald wrote:
> Has there ever been any information published on the Frights of
> Pamaltela for any system? The closest I have found are the stats for
> Hoons, which I think are a related species.

Frights are among the many creatures that I have written up for HQ, which are due to be uploaded as freebies to the site as time permits. They won't be in the first instalment (which has already been submitted to, but they are coming!

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