Size of Glorantha and Moonboats

From: CJ <chris.romer_at_M7JFMgfGq9mUv6UfRdhai-bLrZNGxWQjyJChGUXwwUdaIaQ6sHD7vbCbsKyyFEOZ>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 02:18:47 +0100

Hi chaps

As a quick follow up to the recent discussion, have we established a "quick fix" fr the HQ maps then? I was wondering about just changing the scale in ILH1 by making it twice as big - then it is roughly 900 miles from Graclodont to Furthest, not 450? It might work for my Glorantha, but I will have to think how it impacts on Dragon Pass.

Secondly, are there any figures anywhere on how many Moonboats the Empire has? I'm trying to work out some rough communication speeds for a game.

cj x

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