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YGWV  valkoharja wrote:

> I've been reading 'History of the Heortling Peoples'.
> It seems that Sartar was the enemy of Belintar,

> "Enemy" almost seems too harsh for me. Sartar was a hard-core traditionalist, and for that reason did not agree with Belintar.

> and that he at least
> expected his family to follow this line.

Can you cite a reference on that for me?

> Considering the way the
> Heortlings hold grudges, and that Sartar is the wyter of the royal
> family and the whole kingdom this doesn't seem likely to change.

Your comments seem to imply a disassociation between the two nations that is far more harsh than I have envisioned.  

> Despite this, I remember seeing references to there having been an
> ambassador from the Holy Country present in Boldhome.

Yes, that is so.  

> What was the relationship like in 1600? Did Belintar aid Sartar
> against the Empire? I expect He did, but how open was this help, and
> did the bad relationships hurt any attempted cooperation.

Yes, he helped. I think it was largely under the table. I don't think there was a difficulty in helping or accepting help, as the danger of the approaching empire was quite apparent to all involved.
> ***
> Sartar was presumably a traditional Heortling high king,

Except he wasn't a great warrior, as most of them have been.

> as well as
> having his own heroic powers of transformation and change. He
> supposed to have inheritable heroic powers that the princes of Sartar
> displayed.


> What are these like? I'm mostly thinking about Salinarg
> the Doomed. What sort of magic would he bring to the battlefield, and
> what would his personal presense be like?

I have never envisioned Sartar's powers to be warlike. He had the ability to coordinate people, to build things, to organize.

> Is he leading the battle
> like a general protected by his bodyguard, or is he flying in the air
> born by a great wind?

Surrounded by his swordthanes.

> Did the formation of the Household of Death
> effect this, or is their relationship the mythical one between
> Orlanth and his champion Humakt?

  The Household of Death did not affect the kingship of the land.

  > PS. It looks like the Volsaxi tribe is independent of any kingdom.
> Did I get this right?

Yes. They are their own kingdom, albeit a small one.


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