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YGWV wrote:

> >Let us know. I do not believe I was involved in the discussion.


> There's the ability to light the flame of Sartar which fits the
> definition of inherited magic since only Sartar's descendants
> can do so. That's from KoS.

I wouldn't count that as a magical ability. It is not something the heirs can do. The flame lights when someone (originally a member of the bloodline, but perhaps not always necessary) presents him or herself, and qualifies for kingship, according to what Sartar thinks is right. The flame is an expression of Sartar, and he lights it, not the family member. They just prove their qualifications.

> There have been discussions about what exactly that magic does apart
> from the simply lighting the flame. Tentative conclusions were that
> used properly it binds the tribes of Sartar together which is pretty
> heroic but not all princes managed it.

The binding is the power of Sartar, who bound them. The princes who light the flame acquire the powers of the position, like the ability to call assembly, lead in battle, offer the correct sacrifices, etc. But this is not the same as them have an inherited power.


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