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parental_unit_2 wrote:
> -
> So, restating the question a little differently: Is it possible for a
> Gloranthan god to exhibit powers or transformation (self or others)
> and trickery, but take a more benign role than Eurmal or other gods
> considered "tricksters"?

You mean transformation like Sartar did, or like Heort did, or like the Larnstings do, or even like Murharzarm did in transforming society? Do you mean Trickery like thieves do, or like clever men do, or making camouflage, or sleeping to avoid death, or... &tc.
> Or do the powers or transformation and
> trickery inherently belong to the Trickster that Greg described?

The power of change/transformation is not ultimately in the hands of Trickster. He is Disorder. Change/Transformation is in the hands of Orlanth, or Larnste, if you prefer.


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