Re: Issaries Lightbringer, also Esrolian Grandmothers

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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:17:59 +0200 (EET)

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> wrote:
>> The player of the Issariesi character is a Glorantha veteran of the
>> RuneQuest 3rd edition era. In RQ a feature was gaining divine spells
>> from allied or assosiated cults.
> We discussed this a bit in our game. One idea we had was that
> characters routinely sacrifice to associated gods for aid on specific
> tasks. They don't learn permanent feats, of course, but they do get

Yeah, just use your Worship Storm Pantheon, pray a little, bring into your mind how Issaries asked Orlanth for help and promise to sacrifice a cow later. You can give penalties to the ability based on how far fetched the help is.

I don't think that this method is very useful on its own, but it's a nice augment anyway. Think about it, you'll sacrifice to Chalana Arroy and give an augment to healing. Even better, you pray and promise the sacrifice which you'll have to give if you don't want troubles with the Lady of Mercy.

This is essentially the thing I liked most about in the magic and religion of the Rome tv-series. The characters were asking the gods for boons all the time and afterwards gave them sacrifices.

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