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Despite the fact that we are not supposed to say just "I agree," concerning what:
Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
because it is so spot on:
well, "I agree."
> > Actually I think that your chances of meeting initiates of Eurmal are
> > pretty high! Remember that all tricksters that are bound to their
> roles,
> > of
> > which I'd guess the ones who are protected by chieftains are the
> majority,
> > are initiates.
> No, they aren't. They are still Disciples, but their obligations *to
> Eurmal*
> are only 30% of their time/resources. The other 60% that would
> normally go
> to Eurmal is instead directed at the Orlanth that bonded them. They still
> have 90% requirements, just divided differently. Just because their
> obligations to Eurmal are the same as an ordinary initiate, doesn't mean
> that they *are* an initiate.
> Eurmal worship is pretty binary - either you are a trickster, or you
> ain't.
> You can be as disruptive and "crazy" as you like and still not be a
> trickster (and I've known people like that). The difference is that a
> real
> trickster doesn't have a choice about his antics - the fit takes him and
> s**t just happens. Sometimes it's good s**t, sometimes it's bad s**t, and
> the Trickster doesn't really have any choice of which it is. He simply
> cannot help himself (or herself, or itself).
> Eurmal is *not* recommended as a player hero! He is not the funny man, or
> the class clown, he's a walking vortex of disorder. He's not "playing
> gags",
> and he (or everyone around him) just gets lucky if one of his pranks
> actually does good instead of bad in a particular situation (where "doing
> good" may mean "accomplishing the escape but insulting the one person who
> was your only friend among your enemies").
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