Cults of Sylila ?

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Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 04:35:18 +0900

Hello All,

I plan to have a session in Sylila Salutanae using original rule "RuneWars" (HeroQuest
upper-compatible game).

Does anyone have information of Cults for player heroes? I collected info from ILH and Storm Tribe and guess as follows. Any input will be appreciated. Thank you !


subcults: Desemborth, Ormalaya, Tatouth, Vanganth, Varanorlanth, Vingkot
*Moon Bear
subcults: seven forms of Moon Bear
*Orlanthi Pnatheon
Ernalda Chalana Arroy (Erissa) Eurmal Heler Humakt Issaries Lhankor Mhy Vinga
*Pelorian Gods
Yelmalio Dobrudun Buserian
*Lunar Way
As per ILH 1,2 (I susupect dog god --Raudril ? -- is worshiped in Sylila but there is no info about him) -- Tadaaki Kakegawa

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