Re: Cults of Sylila ?

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_QWsGXT9gyI99bUapbJDaAvzSggPsTyID8uUs-OhNWUpBFNZzGOTMBpozpbT3blEm0vfI>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:30:40 -0000

> Hum... I think Red GoddessĦĦhas opposition to Orlanth from mystical
> reasons. (cf. Lunar citizen keyword has "Hate Storm Pantheon")
> I imagine Orlanthi worship is syncretised into Odayla(Adventurous)
> and Doburdun (Thunderous) worship. What is Allfather aspect syncretised
> into I have no idea.

Don't worry so much about the individual aspects and subcults. Sylila is not Sartar and the Sylilings (and Talastarings) do not necessarily have the same Adventurous, Allfather, Thunderer categorization.

> Then I would go with Syliling Hills.

Hilly lands with lots of small farms and plenty of woods. Hot in summer, cool in winter. Clans of free peasants ruled by Lunarized (as well as Dara Happa emulating) nobles bloodlines who look to Jillaro and Thubana. Excellent light horsemen, although most peasants fight from foot.

> BTW, There is Yelmalion Temple in this region (seeing Lunar Map),
> is this Yelmalio as same as Yelmalio in Dragon Pass? Or is it
> Daysanerus or other sun god?

Daysenerus? Who would dare speak that name? Tharkantus? Who would dare speak that name? This is the Son of Yelm, whose temple has been here since the dark times following the Gbaji Wars (although it has been sacked and destroyed several times). His worshipers are stubborn and proud, and they serve as mercenaries to the Sultan or other rich and powerful nobles.


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