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Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 22:12:53 +1300

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>subcults: Desemborth, Ormalaya, Tatouth, Vanganth, Varanorlanth, Vingkot

I understand you are having Odayla as an aspectoid of Orlanth Adventurous. I don't think Vingkot would be one of the subcults as he is too strongly associated with Orlanth and the Vingkotlings. Instead he would to be a distinct cult in Sylila.

Secondly even if Odayla replaces Orlanth Adventurous, the Sylilans still have to worship Orlanth Thunderous for the weather and Orlanth Allfather for the civilized arts.

>Chalana Arroy (Erissa)

Heler is associated with Shargash and (Wild) Oslira although for mythical reasons, a Sylilan Helering who had worshipped one probably wouldn't be able to worship the other.

There is also the cult of the Iron Ram which is perhaps subservient to Shargash or Urvairinus.


Probably heavily influenced by the Imperial cult of Rebellus Terminus.

Other Orlanthi deities are probably Beren and Redayla for riding horses and Molanni for bad weather.

>*Pelorian Gods

I would also include the Pelorian Bear Deities of Arkang and Ertelenari due to their bearish associations.

>*Lunar Way

Given the prominence of Lunar Iconography, I would be very surprised that there wasn't a cult of lunar female warriors that rode flying bears.

>(I susupect dog god --Raudril ? -- is worshiped in Sylila but there is
>no info about him)

--Peter Metcalfe            

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