Dragon-newt society and their magic [was: Re: Mysticism and Dream Magic]

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On 03/03/2008, valkoharja <rintasaa_at_ph1UWAmn8AR7u52VpXwS6NoakggVmycrhWteufDE1qUxH_80irG6gL-tWW87D3I23VfoEzKxYTnpUT4.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Hmm... maybe this is why so many dragonewts are stuck as scouts and
> warriors. It may even be that the pressures of the real world require
> the services of many scouts and warriors for the survival of the
> Dragonewt species, and so the majority of them need to use dragonmagic
> in their daily chores, and only a lucky few get to progress towards
> dragonhood at any given time.
> Hey, I feel I may be onto something here!!

The privilege of idleness for the upper-class members of a society has added importance to the dragon-newts perhaps?

Does this mean that they lack society-wide magical systems however? Presumably the upper-class (noble and priestly types) dragon-newts are less willing to employ their powers as it retards their spiritual progression - and being more advanced they have more to lose? Or are there always some 'heroic' nobles who are prepared to stick around (like that Inhuman King chap from KoDP?) and help their lessers with their powers even though it prevents their "enlightenment" (endragonment?).

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