Re: Healing in Prax

From: donald_at_isAWGg4vgYw-RAE0QKShGodNYsgBIuRcsq3tWedsLhCoL_8acdbx_SoItpx6i9KPBYhm9
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 12:12:25 GMT

In message <> "Keith Nellist" writes:

>I'd note that although Eiritha might be the Praxian Healer, and Waha
>is known to be rubbish at it (he can't even heal his own hamstring),
>Waha! is good at driving diseases out of Prax. I wonder if Good
>Shepherd might be good at healing herd beasts.

You can drive Mallia away by killing the diseased animals. Prax is a harsh environment and such a brutal approach fits. Probably explains why most herd beasts are owned by the women - they have the power to heal so get the choice to do so.

Donald Oddy


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