Re: What is the Third Age History of the Sun Dome Temple in Sartar?

From: ileskela <ileskela_at_efzsv9D_LulEsiHmQeK8TPsdZvdc_Dbx4-W595SZl-bmvmGLO8a4OofBHpNYx9UXoyY>
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 19:06:13 -0000

Jeff Richard wrote:
> Greg and I posted a short history of the Sun Dome Temple in
> Sartar to the website:

Thanks! This was a nice piece of information and a clarifying read.

Further questions:

  1. What were the Kitori? We now know what they were NOT, but I'm after positive descriptions. For example, if they were Men, but of Darkness, how did these Runes/elements manifest in them - in what way was this manifestation different from Uz?
  2. There's a city called Kitor in Carmania, and a Kitori demon is known to have defeated a Praxian army during the Hero Wars. Are these somehow connected to the Kitori of Troll Woods, or are the names merely coincidence?

Thanks for any replies.


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