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Joerg here, once again:

Greg Stafford:

>> Let me clarify that question: are Kitori-Troll-hybrids subject to
>> the Trollkin curse? Say a Kitori male in dark troll shape mates
>> with an uzko woman. The children would be descended from Kyger
>> Litor through the mother. How likely will the curse strike?

> None. They are not uz, nor descended from Kyger Litor.

So, from the point of an uz female wanting to beget a new generation of uz, these children are a complete loss, even if they decide not to join the Kitori?

If they don't join the Kitori but choose to become trolls, do they have to undergo the Kyger Litor rebirth initiation to become trolls?

If they don't join either, what are they? Incomplete Kitori?

Same as the Ergeshi?

>> That gives rise to the next question: under what conditions and at
>> which rates do they age? Depending on their shape?
> I do not know of any who have died of old age.

Does this extend to the Ergeshi slaves of the Sun Domers as well?

(And my nasty referee mindset tells me that they might still accumulate all the bad side effects of aging, except the opportunity to have a non-violent death...)

Of course, abandoning the useless aged shape might mean that there are a lot of ancient, unembodied Kitori shadow demons floating about, making things no easier for malevolent neighbours...

>> I rather thought of approaching the same neighbour in different
>> functions - e.g. as trader, tax-collector, as friendly raiding
>> neighbour, or as defender against raiding neighbours.

> Quite possible. We don't know many details about individual Kitori.

Appearing wearing masks (and possibly being addressed by office or title rather than by name) would explain this.

>>> The amount of popular misconceptions for any race is more vast >>> than any true information.

>> This isn't limited to the Kitori, but to mundane things like
>> cities, roads, or taxes as well, I suppose.

> Ignorance about most things is widespread, and replaced with > speculation, etc.

So, basically the scholars will have experienced a lot of bullshit data in their researches, and take that into account when formulating advice. Whether the advisee will let that advice take precedence over well-settled misconceptions is another matter.

>>> Most people act on misinformation, and so rub themselves with fern >>> spores to protect them from curses,

>> <snip impressive list of superstitions>

>> Much like the Glorantha community chasing wrong leads, then...

> Joerg, you are wise. J

If not wise, at least experienced...

>> Not so much a question, rather a suggestion how to clothe this into
>> in-world information rather than making definite observations from
>> the outside.

>> "... so we jumped those Kitori - what looked like four humans and two

> So we jumped the Kitori. There were four humans and two
> Uz, I think, judging from their size and the way they fought. Of 
> course, they were all disguised, as usual.

Thanks for the edit. (Although I'd replace "fought" with "moved" - when it came to fighting, they were neither human nor uz.)

Another stab at human-Kitori relations:

"The beacons all around the Footprint were lit, and the Larnstings had started the ceremonies which made the stone creatures move and fight. Still, our hearts sank as we say beacon after beacon expire, or replaced by columns of foul smoke. Bagog's spawn was swarming again, and little did our efforts hold them at bay. Styrman after Styrman rushed in to kill chaos, and be killed by it. Chief Barnandrin's spirits sank when one of the shepherd boys doing outlook service towards the rear came running, shouting that the Kitori came. Herds being lost, crops devoured or befouled, and still the Shadow tribute would be claimed. Without goods to give, they would leave with more children of the clan.
Drums marked their approach, and horns. Unmistakable were the clicking of mandibles and the vibrations of Darksense. The Kitori had come in force.
Angry mutters rose, cursing the greed of the dark men, but Chief Barnandrin stepped forth to greet the arriving Kitori, as custom and tribute demanded.
'We claim and bring equal exchange,' intoned the Kitori leader, citing the usual phrases custom demanded. 'These are the rules of the Shadowlands, as have been laid down by the Unity Council.' Everybody expected the Kitori to inspect the herds and storages of the chieftain, but not this time. The leader turned to the drummers and hornists, and they played tunes and rhythms only few of our warriors had ever heard. Some of these most hardened veterans wept openly, but in relief - this was the mustering call for the Unity army, one of them exclaimed, and ordered our skalds to let the pipers sing a hefty response. They did, and fyrd and warband assembled in orderly lines. Still, the forces of the assembled clans were outnumbered by the forces following the Kitori onto our pasture. They had beetle riders, spearkin, fisherfolk hefting tridents, and even Esvulari horsemen. Another signal of the Kitori leader made the drummers and hornists fall silent.
'Chief of the Orshanti, acknowledge the claims of the Shadowlands, and bring your warriors.
Chaos stalks the world...'
And the Orshanti warband and fyrd followed the emissaries of the Only Old One into the Stone Forest, along with many others, and stood firm to stem the tide of scorpion spawn. Shadows hovered around us, but protectus with Darkness, controlled by the Kitori. Aye, we paid our tribute in blood that year, but willingly so..."            

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