Re: female characters & Blood Over Gold - St. Endria

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 19:51:57 GMT

In message <> "Toread DuDerysi" writes:
>> At 08:12 a.m. 30/07/2008, you wrote:
>> On a particular note, Malkioni Saints should not be Saints
>> because they were moral exemplars in life as they are not
>> Christians. They become Saints through revealing a
>> philosophical or magical aspect of the Invisible God. For
>> example Hrestol is not a Saint because he was martyred
>> by the Brithini - he acquired Sainthood through revealing
>> the knighthood and joy.

>Thank you, that was a point I was going to make. Saints (and Founders)
>generally reveal or discover some new truth about the Invisible God or
>the world that may or may not be compatible with their existing
>Church. Rokar promulgated the Sharp Abiding Book - an expurgated and
>"purer" version of the Abiding Book. Saint Caselain was the vehicle
>through which Ashara revealed itself to the world. And so on.

I would have thought that showing the occupation of merchant could be combined with raising children was a big enough truth to warrent sainthood. Particularly when the male default is a wandering trader. Now you could argue that there should be one woman saint for all the occupations which default to male. In which case she's going to be a very important saint and really should have been documented before now. However that seems a bit too Vinga like for me.

I'm not suggesting that Malkioni Saints are moral exemplars. However they are role models - they show people how to do something - and the particular saints recognised tells us much about different societies.

Donald Oddy


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