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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 20:12:04 GMT

In an attempt to add something constructive to the discussion here's my take on a saint for female merchants. It retains the basic sexism of Malkioni society but indicates how a female merchant PC can work.

Saint Endria

When St. Caselain left to seek a route to the east he left behind his wife Endria to manage his affairs until he returned. Although with two small children and pregnant with a third she took charge of his warehouse and shop buying and selling with a shrewedness unexpected in a woman. As the years passed the business prospered although due to the laws of Highwater all transactions were carried out in her husband's name. Jealosy among the other merchants led to her being accused of witchcraft and she was forced to flee. She followed in her husband's footsteps but was less than a week on the road before she met him returning.

On St. Caselain's death she retired to a convent. She left her two son's with instructions to look after their sister who had been so preoccupied in helping her mother that she had never married. They were also advised to take heed of their sister as well as their wives. Her letters from the convent to her daughter and daughter's-in-law were later collated into a book.

St. Endria thus became the patron saint of women merchants.

Entry Requirements: Open to women involved in trade, often in the name

        of a male relative.
Abilities: Bargain, Evaluate Goods, Do Several Things at Once, Speak

        Tradetalk, Keep Accounts, Liturgists only - Venerate St. Endria. Virtues: Honest, Faithful.
Scripture: Book of Ashara with commentary and marginalia by Sanual Caselain. Formulary: Letters of St. Endria (Honest Face, Judge Worth of Goods,

	Negotiate Win-Win Deal, Notice Falsehood, Silvertongue, Smite 
	Swindler, Strengthen Lock, Keep Children from Interrupting Business, 
	Let Man Think Something was his Idea).

Talismans: As St. Caslain's
Disadvanges: Some churches do not recognise St. Endria leaving followers

        at risk of being accused of heresy, witchcraft and other crimes.

Donald Oddy


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